Why use us?

Booking travel is easy, right? So why should you engage a Travel Management Company?


If you are a small or large multi-million euro business and you value time, experience, safety, service, money, business intelligence and buying power, you should understand the benefits of using a Travel Management Company.


Save time by engaging a one stop shop for convenience without compromising choice


Chronos travel  can handle every aspect of your trip from airline bookings to accommodation, ground transportation, activities and more.

How many unproductive hours of searching the internet are you and your staff spending?  A day trip with flights seems fairly straight forward but what if accommodation and car hire are required?   Two days before the trip, your meeting gets pushed back by a week.  Rather than make 2-3 calls (with possible hold times), one call to Chronos Business Travel to speak to a familiar consultant who in several minutes allows you to make an informed decision  knowing all the options and costs and can send you a revised itinerary that will drop it into your outlook calendar.


Like being self-sufficient and booking on the internet?   We offer that booking method too.  Our selection of online booking tools display the same inventory as the airline sites.  Further benefits allow for land arrangements and policy compliance to be incorporated into the 1 booking all while charging only one fee.


Service equals experience, knowledge and pro-activeness


Ever booked a domestic flight departing from the international terminal?  Do you want to work with a team that measures and maintains a high quality of service solutions which can effectively support your business growth?  At Chronos Business Travel we have the ability to retain and attract experienced staff which has led to an average employee industry knowledge base of 20+ years. Our travel consultants are measured on extracting value from each booking.  Speaking to a consistent travel consultant creates personalised service and allows our Advisors to anticipate individuals travel requirements.


This area is the most important aspect of what a Travel Management Company does. Do you know how many unused tickets your business has available or worse, have let lapse? Our ticket audit technology  ensures that we account for all unused tickets. Companies now have a legal obligation to protect their most valuable assets – their employees.  Travelling on company business does not change this obligation.  At Chronos Business Travel, you have the ability to access real-time reporting on the whereabouts of your travellers.  Our tool also allows for a pre-departure destination risk assessment.


Before you can influence travel spend, you need to be able to measure it. Chronos Business Travel can create user defined reports designed to align with your business objectives. Whether you have a tightly managed and mature travel program, or a less formal program, there is always room for continuous improvement and our role at Chronos Business Travel is to identify these areas and put a plan in place that delivers on them.