River Cruising

Imagine gliding past quaint villages, ancient hillside castles and stone forts: past sun drenched olive groves and vineyards, snow capped mountains and thundering gorges: under glittering night lit bridges in exotic cities.

Imagine eating first class French cuisine while floating on a sparkling river, watching the gorgeous landscape pass by.

Envision your ship docking in the heart of a beautiful, historic city: its treasures of art, music, food, culture and history await your leisurely exploration.

This is River Cruising.


Tour Packages
  • Cruise Highlights: Discover: Original Itinerary through 4 countries - Hungary - Croatia - Romania - Serbia. Osijek, Belgrade, the Spa Town of Hercules and Orsova, Krusedol monastery, Vukovar and Ilok, Pecs, Puszta, Budapest by Day and by Night, Godolio Palace. Serbian folk evening.
    from €1299 per person
  • Cruise Highlights: 8 days to discover wonderful capitals and legendary places. Discover: The Melk Abbey - Bratislava and its unique charm - The Puzsta, great Hungarian plain - Budapest, a two thousand year old city - Vienna and the Schoenbrun Palace - The Habsburg Palace - Concert of Viennese music - "Operetta music" evening on board included.
    from €1218 per person