Holidays for 18-35’s

Contiki and Budget Expeditions for 18 – 35’s

When it comes to creating unforgettable holidays for young travelers, Contiki is way ahead of the rest. Contiki has been doing this for over 40 years and have learned just what it takes to make a destination an experience. That’s why they now offer over 100 different itineraries through Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Why travel Contiki?
Reputation: with over 40 years of experience we are working even harder to stay number one.
Everyone’s 18-35: A great holiday is not about where you travel but who you travel with. Contiki is for 18-35 year olds. This means: No kids, no parents. It’s just you and a bunch of people your age from all over the world, having a great time.


Hassle Free: Professional staff are always on hand to provide info, suggestions and directions so your holiday is completely travel free.
Value: Every tour is fantastic value as the price includes so much. Compare the price of doing it on your own and the unbelievable value soon becomes obvious.
Variety: Contiki have found the best places to take you, and have learned the perfect blend of sightseeing, adventure, free time, fun, local culture and socializing.


No two tours are the same.
Uniqueness: The Contiki know-how, will take you places you hadn’t imagined and wouldn’t have found yourself.
Freedom and Choice: Independence is important. Our tours include loads of sightseeing, extra activities and free time, so there’s plenty of choice and flexibility for you to do what you want to do
Fun: Contiki never forget the reason you’re on holiday is top have a fantastic time.


Budget Expeditions
Imagine a holiday that will take you to all of the places you’ve always dreamed of discovering in the company of other 18-35 year olds just like you. You’ll be taken around and shown the sites by people who have travelled the globe and know it better than anyone and with their advice you won’t have to worry about maps, timetables or where to go in your free time. All of your accommodation and transport has been organized which means no unplanned hassles for you. And the best part is that it’s the cheapest holiday out there. Now, stop imagining and start packing!


With Budget Expeditions nothing additional is included in our tour price. This gives you more time to save, rather than paying for everything up front, and it also allows you the freedom to choose how to spend your money once you are travelling!
This year Budget Expeditions goes worldwide with flexible travel for 18-35’s in destinations across Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Click download brochure

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