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Jordan – Egypt – Israel Cruise from Cyprus


    Cruise Ship: Marella Discovery 2


    8 Day Cruise departing from Cyprus Limassol port on 15th November 2023.

    Arrive Depart
    Day 1: Cyprus Limassol 22.00
    Day 2: Turkey Alanya 10.00 17.00
    Day 3: Israel Haifa 14.00
    Day 4: Israel Haifa
    Day 5: Egypt Suez Canal 22.30
    Day 6: Egypt Suez Canal
    Day 7: At Sea
    Day 8: Jordan Aqaba 06.00


    Haifa is an unusual city to explore. The terrain and scenery is brilliant giving Haifa an advantage.

    From the top of Mount Carmel, take in the view from the Louis Promenade across the Port of Haifa. It heads north right across into the Western Galilee.


    Suez Canal built in 19th century, is considered an engineering  accomplishment. Stretching more than 100 miles from Port Said to Port Tawfiq allows the connection of Mediterranean Sea – Europe with the gulf of Suez thus with Read Sea on to Asia.


    Aqaba is Jordan’s only port and gateway to the magnificent ancient city of Petra.

    Found in the middle of a deep valley, Petra also known as a Rose city being the color of the carved stone,  has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site during the past 30 years.

    It is surrounded by craggy mountains, and considered one of the modern wonders of the world and a famous archaeological site


    From UK£1472 per person

    Price Includes:

    • inside cabin
    • all inclusive cruise
    • all tips and charges

    Not Included:

    • flights to Cyprus: Larnaca or Paphos Airport
    • transfers to Limassol port