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Live Virtual Tours

Chronos travel adjusting to the new trend can provide travelers with Live streaming Virtual tour of Cyprus.

Wish to join a new destination?  Can not travel to the destination but wish to explore it.?

Virtual guided tours are the perfect option, when travelers can’t physically travel, but still wish a chance to reach out and connect with a new destination.

Get an online tour of any of our Cyprus private guided tour, driving tour, walking tour, city tour, archaeological or religion tours.

Chronos travel can deliver live streaming virtual tour of Cyprus. Chat with our local licensed guide in real-time while you do any of the virtual tours options.

Get a taste for the place you wish to visit, without ever leaving your own home.  Safely view the streets of Capital Nicosia, Cultural Paphos, Modern Limassol and other agricultural areas and meet local people. 

For more detailed information please refer to any of our tours and enquire wishing to an online live streaming virtual tour option cost.


Please surf for our Cyprus shared tours if you are already on the island.

There are also Cyprus private tours which are guided either for individuals or Cyprus small group tours