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Cyprus Tourist Attractions

Reasons to Visit Cyprus

Limassol – South Cyprus

  1. Kolossi Castle

Due to Cyprus’s ideal location in the Mediterranean,  many of the civilization wanted to have a control to the island.  At the time Limassol was and still is the islands main port. Located west of Limassol this Gothic style castle had the ideal location to protect and defend the City.

         2. Ancient Kourion

Located en route to Paphos from Limassol. One more UNESCO world heritage site dating from the 8th century BC. Once one of the most powerful kingdoms of ancient Cyprus it is known for its 3500 seater amphitheatre. Other remains are also worth exploring such as the market, the wrestiling school, the treasury, or the baths.

        3. Sanctuary of Apollo

Located nearby Kourion. Apollo Hylates the god of forests.  it is a series of Holy Temples or grounds whose focal point was the worship of Apollo Hylates.  The Sanctuary is surrounded by magnificent baths, walls and pillars.

Paphos – Western Cyprus

  1. Tombs of the Kings

Tombs dated from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods.  Interestingly spectacular it is a vast UNESCO world heritage. ALthough name refer to kings it is rather the Tombs high society at the time.

       2. Blue Lagoon

One of the most idyllic beaches of all Europe.  Also one of the most isolated in Cyprus. Located one the most north – western point in the island.  It is not easily accessible and usually one can go there by touristic 4 x 4 Jeep Safaris, or by boat usually departing from Paphos port.