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We offer a selection of fascinating cruises to the most beautiful corners of the world throughout the year. Simply let us know your preferences, time and budget and we shall research for a suitable Cruise Itinerary for you. We cooperate with the most renowned Cruise companies and can select the most suitable cruise to meet your needs.
Cruise around :Mediterranean, Europe, Baltic Sea, Caribbean & Bahamas, Hawaii, Canada & New England, Alaska, South America & Mexican Riviera and Transatlantic

Suggested itineraries for Caribbean Cruise:

Southern Caribbean Cruises
Depart from Larnaca to Miami and join the Norwegian Jewel cruise Liner for sailing:

Tour Packages
  • Selection of Cruise options from various Greek ports to the Greek Islands, Cruises are a wonderful way of taking in a number of fascinating sights with a minimum of hassle.
    3 Days from €329
  • Selection of Cruise options from Piraeus to Greek Islands. Mediterranean cruises are a wonderful way of taking in a number of fascinating sights with a minimum of hassle.
    7 nights from €699
  • Selection of Cruises to various Greek Islands and the Holy Land sailing from Limassol - Cyprus. Cruises from 2 to 8 days from Limassol Cyprus.
    2 days from €300
  • Embark for a unique cruise departing from Piraeus. The cruise visits some of the most popular cities bordering the Aegean Sea to offer the cruise passengers spectacular images of nature, history and culture , entertainment and picturesque .
    8 Days from €529
  • Cruise from Malta to Italy - Spain - France - Italy - Malta. Visit Valetta, Barcelona, Marseille, Savona, Naples, Catania, Malta.
    from EUR699 per person
  • So near and so far. This is the way this cruise will make you feel, very far from Occident, from your home, but at the same time you will feel very close to the most ancient Orient. The cultural diversity of this cruise is unique in the world given that the geographical situation of Istanbul and the strategic importance of Izmir are also exceptional. Moreover, the idyllic Greek islands of Mykonos, Rhodes and Santorini will transport you to another dimension. Not to mention Athens, which is a real crossroad of history and time.
    3 Days from eur259
  • From Cyprus To Mediterranean and European cruising
    7 Days from €575